10:00-11:00 AM
Room 4A

Gerald Mui

Diving into Revelation

A criteria for many good books and movies mandate a good ending that answers the hanging questions and fills in the meaning for the plot as well as expose the significance of what seem to be minor details of the story. The book of Revelation does this and much more for both the New and Old Testament. It is also a book with a promised blessing, stated up front in the first paragraph. More importantly, Revelation is intended to equip believers with the hope and resolve to complete their journey of faith. It is a precious gift that Christ received from the Father and made available to His Church - don’t miss out!


10:30-11:30 AM
2nd Fl. Small Room

Ken & Joyce Ling
William Ma

Integrated Curriculum for Families with Young Children

Would you like to dig deeper into last Sunday's sermon?  Does your schedule make it difficult to make it to fellowship on Friday evenings?

If so, then this class was literally made for you!  It follows the current integrated curriculum on Romans - a curriculum that builds faith, encourages discipleship, strengthens fellowship, and embraces serving.

Based on the sermons, this class will follow studies written to apply the Word of God into daily living while encouraging meaningful fellowship and accountability.  So let's study God's word together.