Each stage of life comes with its own challenges. At 3Stone, our pastors are equipped and eager to walk with you and your family through these challenges and to offer biblical counsel. If you have any questions or wish to schedule a preliminary interview, please submit a note in the form below to let the pastoral staff know.

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Pre-marital counseling

Are you a ready to take the next step in your courtship as you prepare for marriage? Biblically based pre-marital counseling is crucial to building a solid foundation for years to come. 3Stone’s pre-marital counseling curriculum will help prepare you and your future spouse for a covenantal marriage based on biblical principles. 3Stone pastors will provide mentoring and discipleship to engaged couples while systematically progressing through a course developed for Christian couples in the 21 st century.


Marital/Family Counseling

Are you struggling with marital and family relationships? Do you desire Christian counseling in the context of sound biblical principles? 3Stone’s pastors and staff will help weather the storms of conflicts within family, parenting, financial stress, infidelity, and more. Christian thought, philosophy, and scriptural teachings will undergird the therapy sessions which will sometimes utilize behavioral modification techniques. If more in depth counseling is required, referrals will be made to full time Christian counselors.

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Individual Counseling

Are you grappling with anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, or low self-esteem from bullying, abuse, or trauma? Have you developed an addiction to illicit substances, pornography, or technology? Maybe, you are in the midst of a career change or other stressors. If so, 3Stone pastors and staff will provide Christian counseling integrating biblical teaching into the healing process. Facing life’s challenges in the context of faith will be emphasized. If in depth or long-term counseling is required, referrals will be made to full time Christian counselors.

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College/Graduate School Counseling

Are you entering college or graduate school? Have you started searching for your first job or are attempting to determine your career focus? 3Stone’s pastors can help you navigate these areas while helping to pinpoint your divine calling. Biblical principles will underscore counseling and advice, with an emphasis on God-honoring decisions and work within a Christian kingdom mindset.


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