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Join a Ministry Team

Our Ministry Teams serve in the four core areas of ministry at 3Stone: Caring, Education, Evangelism and Worship. They are comprised of volunteers who are passionate about serving Christ in the church and the community. If you're interested in learning more about these ministries, please contact the leaders listed below to find out ways you can participate in the life of the church and serve with 3Stone. 


Caring Ministry

The Caring Ministry Team is responsible for fostering a caring, hospitable and inviting culture at 3Stone. Our ministries include the hospitality team, weekly prayer meetings and holiday and seasonal events.

If you're interested in learning more about 3Stone's Caring MT or serving on one of the teams listed below, contact caring@3stone.org


    The welcoming team is looking to expand their roster of ushers and greeters to help set up for worship service, greet newcomers and generally provide a welcoming atmosphere to all congregants. Please prayerfully consider serving. 

  • 3STONE RETREAT 2019 

    The retreat planning team is looking for helpers in many areas. Click link for more details. You are welcomed to help with planning even if you cannot attend.


    The 3Stone Website ministry is looking for additional servants to help update and manage the website.

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Education Ministry

The Education Ministry Team is responsible for the Biblical education of the congregation which includes adult Sunday School classes, fellowship groups, and workshops for the purpose of growing our knowledge of Truth.

If you're interested in learning more about or service in 3Stone's Education Ministry,
please contact edu@3stone.org

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Evangelism Ministry

The Evangelism Ministry Team coordinates outreach and mission efforts for the Congregation. These "events" are lightning rods for 3Stone to minister to our community, as well as to provide a platform for evangelism and a glimpse into Christian living.We believe that the heart of evangelism stems from deep transformation, leading to a desire for others to experience what we have so gracefully received.

If you're interested in being part of someone's journey of faith, please contact ev@3stone.org

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Worship Ministry

The Worship Ministry Team serves the gathered 3Stone community by leading them into the presence of the triune God. The praise and worship team works to lead the congregation in song, prayer and meditation. The audio visual team manages the technical elements that create an atmosphere conducive to worship.

If you're interested in serving in Worship MT, please contact Sook at worship@3stone.org


    We are looking to recruit anyone who might be gifted and/or interested in serving in this ministry. No prior experience needed. Contact: Abraham at worship@3stone.org


Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry just switched into their new paradigm and are in need of coworkers for

  • Welcoming & Attendance team

  • Large Group & Small Group Leaders, JHS Educators

  • Plan Games, Activities, Snacks

  • Communication / Social Media

Please prayerfully consider serving! More information can be found at: 3stone.org/serveyouth

Contact: Carla