Intern at Envision, A Christian & Missionary Alliance Ministry

Our team of interns with Envision

Our team of interns with Envision

Hi, my name is Micaiah Teng, and I’m writing this to tell you about an exciting opportunity I have this summer.

From July 3rd to August 11th, I will be interning at a Christian & Missionary Alliance site in the Middle East. In the mornings, my team and I will be working with Syrian refugee children and in the evenings, we’ll be teaching ESL classes to adults. Of course, we’re not gonna be just “teaching” and “working with,” but also preaching the Gospel on the down low.

For a while now, I’ve wanted to work in the Middle East because injustice and bloodshed have reigned for far too long. I’ve grown frustrated by those on one hand, who say that which happens to those outside our borders is none of our concern, and the others who think they’re better because they shared a New York Times article on Facebook and sent a crying reaction. I believe those of us who bare the sacred title of our God in the name “Christians,” should rise above these narratives. For we know the truth from Corinthians 5:14, “the love of Christ compels us because we are convinced that one died for all…” His love is compelling doesn’t just mean that it is so obvious that it cannot be ignored, but also that it causes overwhelming pressure on us to act.

So, I invite you on this exciting journey with me. I ask that you pray that: 

  1. Our team works well together despite being from very different backgrounds

  2. We effectively show the love of God in everything we do and say

Thanks for reading and your support!

To get in touch with Micaiah, email: estsemperfidelis@gmail.com



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