Ministry Team Leaders

Our Ministry Team leaders hold two year terms to lead in the four core areas of ministry at 3Stone: Caring, Education, Evangelism and Worship. They are volunteers leading a team of volunteers who are passionate about serving Christ through the church and the community. If you're interested in any of these ministries, please contact the MT leaders to find out ways you can participate in the life of the church and serve with 3Stone. 

Contact the Team:


Caring Ministry

Amanda leads the Caring ministry where she's responsible for leading a team that fosters a caring, hospitable and inviting culture at 3Stone. She oversees our hospitality team, weekly prayer meetings and holiday and seasonal events. If you're interested in learning more about 3Stone's Caring ministry, please contact Amanda.



Education Ministry

Zhi leads the Education Ministry at 3Stone where he's responsible for the education of the English Congregation which includes adult Sunday School classes, the Fellowships, and workshops for the purpose growing our knowledge of Truth. Personally, he believes education is best "caught, and not taught" and that requires strong relationships and fellowship across generations. He also thinks that one of the greatest gifts that God has given 3Stone are its servants and leaders and taking care of them are dear to his heart. For enjoyment, Zhi enjoys playing basketball, listening to classic Chinese pop music, and reading books including biographies, history, fantasy and science fiction. If you're interested in learning more about 3Stone's Education ministry, please contact Zhi.


Evangelism Ministry

Michael leads the Evangelism Ministry at 3Stone where he helps to coordinate outreach and mission efforts for the English Congregation.  These "events" are lightning rods for 3Stone to minister to our community, as well as providing a platform for evangelism and a glimpse into Christian living.  Michael believes that the heart of evangelism stems from being so transformed by God, that it no longer becomes a directive or task to spread the Gospel but a desire for others to experience what we have so gracefully received.  Ask other Christians you may know, what and who led them to Christ. Its rarely the work of just one person, but an entire group that have committed themselves to praying and ministering to that individual at various times during that journey. 


Worship Ministry

John leads the Worship Ministry by working with the praise and worship teams to grow and train the servants, enhance the experience of the congregation by improving the audio and visual, and create an environment that ushers members in the presence of God. If you're interested in serving on Worship Team or sound room, please contact John.


For Ministry Team Leaders 2019-2020

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Nominee for Evangelism MT Leader

Justin Mui

I have been attending NYCAC/3Stone for 26 years, literally since I was born. I accepted Christ at the age of 5, rededicated my life at 13 became a member when I was 17. Over the years I've had amazing teachers, leaders as well as brothers and sisters in Christ that seen me through many ups and downs in life. Through them, I saw that their love for Christ catalyzed their desire for service. Moreover, these friends have encouraged me to go to summer missions, getting outside of my comfort zone and helping to make this church a home to numerous people of different ages and backgrounds.

 My time serving in church encourages me to serve outside of it. For example, I coordinate with the Father's Heart soup kitchen event on a monthly basis. At work, I lead prayer meetings on Fridays, and the attendance keeps growing every year. Among friends, I am discipling 2 new believers, reviewing Biblical doctrine, assorted topics and book studies. 

 Just like other roles in NYCAC/3Stone, there are a lot of tall expectations along with plenty of work to do. Evangelism is a command that Jesus gave to all His disciples [this church included]. I am humbled by this command since I regularly fall short in reaching out to the lost community. However, I am assured God will give us the means to fulfill this calling in our walk with Christ. Regardless of how apprehensive or eager the congregations are towards evangelism, it would be my joy to seek the  Evangelism MT role so we can grow together and thrive in sharing the Gospel to the lost both local and abroad.

Ministries Served in NYCAC:
Children's Sunday School CIT: 2008, 2009, 2010
Youth Fellowship Leader [DBD]: 2007-2010
College Fellowship Student Leader [DoC]: 2012-2014

Current Ministries:
College Fellowship Counselor [DoC]: since 2014
Youth Sunday School Teacher: since 2012
3Stone Evangelism Core Team Member: since 2016

Nominee for worship MT Leader

Sook Yee Yeung

I have been a member of the 3Stone/NYCAC community for about 6.5 years. Previous to this, I had been an active member of Oversea Chinese Mission since age 14 and of Buffalo Chinese Christian Church during my studies at SUNY at Buffalo (2002-2007). I came to faith through the invitation of my older sister to attend OCM who had accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior in the spring of 1999.

From very early on in my faith journey, the idea of utilizing music as a tool for worship made, and continues to make a lot of sense to me. The concept of using our hearts, minds, bodies and words by incorporating sounds of the earth to declare who God is and why he is worthy of all of our praise is essentially the heart of worship. I believe wholeheartedly that it was God who called and continues to call me to serve in this ministry. The truth is, I have never been classically trained in any musical capacity. I actually discovered that I was able to hold a tune by accident while singing along to a popular song at home in the 7th grade. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined I'd be using this gift time and time again to lead God's people into his presence.

Despite having never been formally trained in music, I believe God had strategically placed many mentors and teachers in my life to refine my understanding of worship over the last 17 years of service in this ministry within the various communities I was a part of. It is through the Holy Spirit, as well as these sisters and brothers that I have witnessed and learned to incorporate the true heart of worship in not only how I serve, but how I endeavor to live my life. I hope to be able to be used by God to do the same for the younger sisters and brothers in my midst at 3Stone.

Ministries Served in NYCAC:
Youth Counselor [DBD]: January 2014 to August 2016
NYCAC Church Wide Retreat Committee: 2016
3Stone Retreat Committee Chairperson: 2017

Current Ministries:
3Stone Worship Core Team: since January 2017
3Stone Worship Team: since April 2012
3Stone CoupCo Life Group Bible Study Leader: since 2011


nominations at large

Nominations can be made by regularly attending 3Stone voting members who submit their nominee via email to Rev. Ko by Nov 11, 2018 (one week before the Members meeting)