Ministry Team Leaders

Our Ministry Team leaders hold two year terms to lead in the four core areas of ministry at 3Stone: Caring, Education, Evangelism and Worship. They are volunteers leading a team of volunteers who are passionate about serving Christ through the church and the community. If you're interested in any of these ministries, please contact the MT leaders to find out ways you can participate in the life of the church and serve with 3Stone. 

Contact the Team:


Caring Ministry

Amanda leads the Caring ministry where she's responsible for leading a team that fosters a caring, hospitable and inviting culture at 3Stone. She oversees our hospitality team, weekly prayer meetings and holiday and seasonal events. If you're interested in learning more about 3Stone's Caring ministry, please contact Amanda.



Education Ministry

Zhi leads the Education Ministry at 3Stone where he's responsible for the education of the English Congregation which includes adult Sunday School classes, the Fellowships, and workshops for the purpose growing our knowledge of Truth. Personally, he believes education is best "caught, and not taught" and that requires strong relationships and fellowship across generations. He also thinks that one of the greatest gifts that God has given 3Stone are its servants and leaders and taking care of them are dear to his heart. For enjoyment, Zhi enjoys playing basketball, listening to classic Chinese pop music, and reading books including biographies, history, fantasy and science fiction. If you're interested in learning more about 3Stone's Education ministry, please contact Zhi.



Evangelism Ministry

Justin leads the Evangelism Ministry at 3Stone where he coordinates workshops, outreaches and mission efforts both domestic and abroad.

As a CM&A church, we have both a heritage and a divine calling to seek after the lost community. God has blessed this church community richly and we have a wonderful story to share with the lost. Justin believes the best approach towards sharing this story is by embracing evangelism as a lifestyle. The Gospel shouldn't be an afterthought, but a priority when we interact with people on a daily basis. Justin and his team is tasked with setting up events to help equip 3Stone for evangelism as a lifestyle through practical workshops exploring both traditional and creative methods of evangelism. Moreover, casual events and focused outreaches will serve as the setting to apply whats learned in practice, and further acclimate believers into sharing the Gospel with the lost on a personal basis.

During downtime, Justin enjoys eating, drawing, playing sports, joy-riding and reading books on history.




Sook leads the Worship Ministry at 3Stone which includes fostering a Christian walk that is closely tied to purposeful worship of our Lord.  This can be in the form of song, but should be prevalent in our daily life, through and in every action we undertake.  If you have any questions about what Christian worship is and what it is not, please do not hesitate in reaching out to Sook.  Professionally, she is a clinical social worker, and uses many of the transferable skills from her practice to her ministry.