Jan. 27 - Mar. 17, 2019

10:00-11:00 AM
Room 4B

Taught by: Erika Siu

Intimacy with God through prayer

This 6-week class will be taught as a prayer workshop, because instead of studying prayer, we will be engaging in the work of building intimacy with God through prayer. We’ll be using Robert Waldron’s, “15 Days of Prayer with Henri Nouwen”, discussing one chapter each of the 8 weeks.

Three things each participant will gain from this class:

  1. A new perspective on prayer

  2. New approaches to maintaining a regular practice of prayer

  3. A renewed desire to know and walk with God

About the teacher: Erika Siu is an avid reader, mostly of fiction, and loves to hike and travel. Her loves are Simon and their children, Ava & Austin, and two dogs, BoBo & Jill. Erika is a tax lawyer and works in international development. She also earned a Masters of Divinity degree at Yale University Divinity School in 2003, 30 years after Henri Nouwen taught there.

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10:00-11:00 AM
Room 4A

Taught by: Gerald Mui

Diving into Revelation

A criteria for many good books and movies mandate a good ending that answers the hanging questions and fills in the meaning for the plot as well as expose the significance of what seem to be minor details of the story. The book of Revelation does this and much more for both the New and Old Testament. It is also a book with a promised blessing, stated up front in the first paragraph. More importantly, Revelation is intended to equip believers with the hope and resolve to complete their journey of faith. It is a precious gift that Christ received from the Father and made available to His Church - don’t miss out!