Christian Life

Jun. 2 - Aug. 25, 2019

10:00-11:00 AM
Room 4B

Taught by: Simon Siu

God’s Love: Thinking, Being, Living

After college with a major in Biology and minor in philosophy, I went to South Africa as a missionary and worked closely with the college students.  After coming back, I went to Gordon-Conwell Theological seminary to tackle the questions I had and to grow in the knowledge and faith with other like minded believers.  

I believe the church is in great need of a revival to reach this generation.  To that end the new Sunday class on God’s Love is an attempt to understand what, why and how to be Christians who are equipped to allow God to work in, with, alongside and through us for this generation.  How to be a thinking, being and living Christian in light of God’s love.

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10:00-11:00 AM
Room 4A

Taught by: Gerald Mui

Diving into Revelation

A criteria for many good books and movies mandate a good ending that answers the hanging questions and fills in the meaning for the plot as well as expose the significance of what seem to be minor details of the story. The book of Revelation does this and much more for both the New and Old Testament. It is also a book with a promised blessing, stated up front in the first paragraph. More importantly, Revelation is intended to equip believers with the hope and resolve to complete their journey of faith. It is a precious gift that Christ received from the Father and made available to His Church - don’t miss out!