Summer School


School’s out soon!  What plans do you have for your children this year?  

Summer School at NYCAC is filled with exciting activities for students coupled with interactive learning in classroom settings.  Led by teachers who have a passion for teaching, students will be thrilled to be part of an environment that enhances their academic endeavors while offering summer fun. Each classroom will have multiple Teacher's Assistants to ensure safety while allowing individualized attention.  

NYCAC summer school is more than a classroom, it is where students feel like they belong to the community. Many return to become volunteers, TAs, and even teachers!

We'd love to meet you and introduce you to the NYCAC community. We strives to be a place where God's love is shown.


To register or for more information

Please stop by Tuesday through Saturday from 10am-5pm at 62 Delancey Street, NY, NY or email Jenny Yee.

Jenny can also be reached by phone at (212) 533-3808 or (646) 877-6875