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Service Opportunities in Youth Ministry 

Thank you for your interest in serving the Youth!

If you love young people and wish to nurture their relationship with God…
If you want to help raise up God-fearing and God-loving leaders for the next generation…
Youth Ministry is the place for you!

There are many areas to serve in:

Games & Activities

Please apply below!




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Areas & Roles to Serve In





Welcoming & Follow-up

Recognize the value of the life of every student who attends Youth. Welcome them and follow up with them.

Capture new student information and follow up with them to help them get connected. Make sure every student and parent knows they will be cared for.

  • Greeter (1H, 1S)

  • Attendance (1H, 1S)

  • Follow-up (1-2P)

& Planning

Plan and lead the teaching times for the Youth that leads to hearing the Word and awakening faith in students.

Create a teaching plan that helps the student know the Gospel and own their faith. Teach the Gospel and facilitate small group discussions that lead to deeper faith. Create and build an environment that fosters lasting relationships.

  • Teaching (2-4P)

  • Youth Staff (4H, 4S)

  • JHS Educators (4-6P)

Fellowship & Events

Plan and lead games, activities and events that engage students.

Create a plan for fun & bonding amongst students and leaders. Lead games and activities in a variety of ways and formats that create a sense of community or teach/reinforce a lesson. Schedule, plan and communicate events for coming year.

  • Fellowship & Events Coordinator (2P)

  • Youth Fellowship Team (10+ All)

Communication & Social Media

Facilitate communication and social media presence that informs youth, parents and the larger community.

Create and send weekly/monthly updates through email and social media. Work with events coordinator to promote events.

  • Communication (1P, 1H)

  • Social Media (1H, 2S)



Counselor (C)

Counselors take part in every aspect of youth ministry as listed below and take up the additional responsibility of being mentors, big brothers and sisters to the youth.

Counselors are expected to serve for a minimum of 2 years and serve as extensions of the Pastor.

Partner (P)

Partners are members of the church who have a heart to serve the youth and have demonstrated maturity in their faith and conduct as they live their lives for God. Partners will teach, equip and exhort the helpers and students serving with them.

Partners are expected to commit up to 5 hours a week actively serving with the youth.

Helper (H)

Helpers are brothers and sisters who are not Youth but have a heart to serve. They are growing in their faith and willing to learn and support their fellow co-workers.

Helpers are expected to commit up to 3 hours a week actively serving with the youth.

Student (S)

Students are current attendees of our ministry who have a heart to serve and demonstrate a willingness to grow. Students will be challenged to step outside of their comfort zones and lead their peers.

Students are expected to commit up to 3 hours a week serving the youth.




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Our Experience

We shared our experience and how we saw God work during last year’s Summer Missions Trip

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YOuth Summer Missions 2018

Adirondack Mountain
July 22-29, 2018