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Hello there!

This podcast is a project to bring our church community closer together. In the coming episodes, we’ll be bringing on different guests who are members of our community to hear their stories and talk about various topics. We hope our community will be strengthened through it.


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Episode 4 - Being a Female leader and FF champion at 3Stone: Amamda oey

This week, we got to sit down with Amanda Oey, many of you know her as our 3Stone Caring MT, but among other things, she is the reigning champion and the first female champion of our Official NYCAC Fantasy Football league! 

In this episode, we got to talk to her about her experience winning in the league, and she makes the case for Fantasy Football as a ministry and why women should play in it. 

The conversation then shifted to how it is for her being a leader in environments where it’s mainly composed of men. We then got to talk about our opinions on where we are as a church in supporting female leaders, and the unique next steps that we can take to continue to do so. 

Finally, using her experience from the world of PR, she shares advice on how to manage a personal brand. 

We hope you enjoy!


Episode 3 - Being a Intern at your home church: Joseph Wu

In this episode, we have Joseph Wu (Jojo), our first ever intern at 3Stone. He is a seminarian about to complete his final year at Gordon Conwell Seminary. 

We get to hear from Jojo what it was like coming back to his home church as an intern, how he practiced mediator and reconciliation when conflicts arose during the summer school program, how it was like running VBS all by himself, his post seminary plans including what he's looking for in a mentor. Finally, Jojo gives us advice on inter-generational relationships, working with the youth, and even long-distance relationships.

To follow and support Jojo as he finishes seminary, visit his blog: Jojo + Seminary


Episode 2 - Being a missionary to Unreached Ppl group: Tiffany ong

Right after her sharing during service, we brought on Tiffany to talk more about her work with an unreached people group here in NYC. In this episode we hear from Tiffany on how her ministry has grown over the past 3 years, lessons that she learned, her strategy in reaching out as well as mobilizing partners, the ideal ministry partner, and practical advice on how to reach out to said group.


Episode 1 - Being Fantasy Football Commissioner: Abraham Tam

In our pilot episode, we bring on Abraham Tam the commissioner of a long-standing NYCAC tradition: "The Official NYCAC Fantasy Football League" (We need a better name) 

In this episode our commish talks about:
What he hopes to see this year: (min: 2:28)
His thoughts & expectations for the two newcomers to the league (min:5:21)
Our consensus pick for who will get kicked out of the league this year (min:6:18)
Our thoughts regarding the teams from the Chinese Congregation (min:9:04)
Upcoming tweaks and additions to the league (min: 12:00)