Jesus Week "Thank You" from Reverend Ko

Greetings in the love of Christ 3Stone Community,

As I reflect on the events of “Jesus Week”, my heart is filled with joy and exultation!  An incredible display of inter-congregational evangelism, more than 2500 evangelism bags containing the Jesus Film DVD, evangelism tracts, invitations to worship, and more were delivered to the doorsteps of apartments and homes surrounding 3Stone and NYCAC.  This culminated in an Evangelistic Book Fair/Carnival after worship on June 10th harkening back to the old NYC C&MA “tent” crusades of the 1920s.  A total of 55 contact cards were filled out, likely representing 150-200 visitors (families) from our surrounding neighbors.   

A heartfelt “THANK YOU” to all who volunteered to serve the bride of Christ and the community surrounding her.    You were the hands, you were the feet, you were the voices of Jesus.  Though you were tired you gave of your time, though you were afraid you spoke a word of truth, though your heart was disenchanted you knelt at the altar and carried out the Great Commission. 

What you witnessed was the future of 3Stone, a future where our focus lies outward instead of inward.  It is a future where evangelism reigns and our community ministers together with joy.  It is a fellowship full of vibrancy that anticipates the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and those of our community.

Let us pray for the follow-up of these individuals and families, that the Holy Spirit would convict their hearts and minds of the truth of the gospel.

Soli Deo Gloria,